Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Bonkey 2.1

Pay attention. Here's how it works:
  1. You sign up for an account with Amazon S3.
  2. You download Bonkey (or here).
  3. You set Bonkey up to automatically backup your files to your S3 account.
Not too hard, eh? Frankly, 1 and 3 are optional, but at S3 storage rates, you can have your files backed up offsite for not a lot (as in a few centavos a month for this little tree hugger). But hey, why take advice from a monkey? You do your own thing. Backup to an external hard drive or an FTP site, I don't care. Whatever floats your boat.

Things you gotta know:
  • free for non-commercial use - for commercial use, contact thebackupmonkey at the mail owned by Google or leave a comment here;
  • all care, no responsibility: if your computer ends up as a smouldering pile of plastic, or your files end up in the Never-Never (/dev/godhelpme), don't call me;
  • no spyware, adware, ads, viruses, spam, trojans or STDs. Just the backup software;
  • runs on Java;
  • S3 is run by Amazon - I have nothing to do with it and no responsibility for it. I use it though, and it ain't bad; and
  • thanks to Eclipse for the framework, Apache for libraries, Eclipse for icons, and superconnected604 for the chain-smoking briefcase bearing primate.
Things I reckon you oughta know:
  • screenshot;
  • can backup files to local disks, network locations, FTP, SFTP or S3 account, and from all of those places;
  • can backup Microsoft SQL Server databases (designed for use with ABM);
  • starts automatically and runs in the system tray;
  • includes encryption and compression;
  • can do full backups (with timestamp) or modified files only;
  • can also execute command-line and database tasks at specified intervals;
  • can be configured to send you emails when your backup fails; and
  • has a built-in help manual.
That'll get you started. No excuses not to back stuff up anymore eh?


If you want to talk Mac or Linux, let me know. This can easily run cross-platform, I just don't have a Mac and can't be arsed building it for Linux.


Adrian Smith said...

Would like some simple instructions for cross platform build please?

bonkey said...

See Suggested improvements welcome.