Sunday, 24 June 2007

Bonkey 2.1.2

A few, ahem, bugs, have precipitated the release of Bonkey 2.1.2. Links below are still valid.

For anyone who was having trouble with S3, this should fix those problems. You must create a bucket manually. Tools like the S3 Firefox Organizer will help you do that.



Eric said...

Mr. Bonkey
I'm getting a Java heap error when trying to run a large backup.

bonkey said...

That is very interesting Eric - big as in lots of files or big as in large file sizes? Or both?

Eric said...

Mr. Bonkey
1st off thanks for the quick reply secondly thanks for a great utility!
Both- the directory is filled with a collection of sub directories with images. Total directory size is 19gig. I should note that I'm running Bonkey from rdp session.
While I have you I'm so very confused about the directory structure with S3. When using the firefox plug-in -thanks for the heads up on this also-I see many different directories that have been created from other applications and from Bonkey but Im not sure how to manage this correctly from Bonkey.

bonkey said...

Regarding the large backup, the total size shouldn't be an issue, but the number of files could be more than there is memory to handle. I've run a backup with about 6500 files and had no problems - I'm guessing you have a lot more than that. Bonkey may just not be able to handle them all in one go I'm afraid, due to the way it maps directories before backing up. That might be something I look at in the future.

From Bonkey, when you have an S3 location, you will only see the contents of the bucket that you specify when you setup the location. You can browse the files in that bucket using the tree in Bonkey, or using the firefox plugin.

Thanks for the feedback - its invaluable.

Eric said...

Got it.
Yes the directory 350 sub directories and 13,000 + files.
I really like the zip on the fly. Maybe look at adding rar,tat etc.
Also would really like a to see the ability to send a e-mail message on completion/failure of the back up. Just a thought.
I'll keep the feedback coming.

bonkey said...

Thanks Eric.

With the 13,000 files, try splitting it into two or three backup groups (even two or three folders within one backup group might do the trick).

Regarding notification by email, have a look under File->Preferences->Email logging.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way to maintain the original timestamps of files/folders?

-- Thanks, Maureen

bonkey said...


I'm not quite sure what you mean - have the backup copies of the files and folders timestamped according to the originals? If so, no, there is not.

The only related option I can think of is that if you do a complete backup, the backup will be done into a folder with a timestamp for the time of the backup on it.

Let me know if that doesn't address your question.

jmike said...

Mr. Bonkey
How can I configure the folder-structure on S3?
Right now the files are saved under:
BucketName / TargetName / BackupGroupName / FolderName / * files
I would very much appreciate if they could be saved using this folder-structure:
BucketName / FolderName / * files
How can I do that?

bonkey said...

Sorry for the delay jmike, I've had a lovely long weekend.

At this point, there's no way to change the directory the files are backed up to, but that has joined my queue of features for the next update (hopefully in about six weeks time).

TrillianMedia said...

Would love a Mac version.
Thanks much

gyzmos said...

Hi, I'm not able to correctly configure S3, your help appriciated:
Where to put the relevant Access Key ID,Secret Access Key, Account number? I already created a seperate bucket but not able to access it?

bonkey said...

When you add an S3 location, enter your Access Key ID and the name of a bucket you have created in the fields provided in the dialog. When you access the location the first time, you will be asked for your password - in this prompt, enter your Secret Access Key.

Anonymous said...

"You must create a bucket manually." Can someone tell me what a bucket is? This terminology isn't found anywhere on the Amazon site and is only found once on the firefox extension documentation (and it certainly doesn't make it clear as to how I should go about "creating" one).

Nicolas said...

If I copy a file to the root of my S3 account, the S3 Firefox Organizer shows it under:
BucketName / BucketName / FileName
If I backup a folder, it is saved under:
BucketName / BucketName / BackupGroupName / FolderName
Why does Bonkey create a subfolder with the name of the bucket? Is it the expected behaviour?
Thanks for this great app.

bonkey said...

Anonymous - a bucket is like a folder, it is essentially the S3 term for a root folder. To create one, go to the root directory of your S3 account in the firefox extension and create a folder.

Nicolas - thanks for the feedback. Folder names is something that should be customised in the next release, so that you can structure the folders how you please. For the moment, you'll just have to endure a little redundancy!

Anonymous said...

Given these values.

Your Access Key ID: KeyID001
Your Secret Access Key: Seckey001
Bucket : /Backup_Test/

How would you define a new location?

Name : Anything
S3 Bucket: /Backup_Test/
S3 ID key: KeyID001

Set Password...

bonkey said...

You have it right, but the forward slashes in the bucket name will wreak havoc. Take the slashes out of the bucket name, and you should be okay.

donkey said...

How could I decrypt an encrypted file outside of Bonkey, say, with an AES utility like ccrypt? The "encryption key" setting doesn't seem to do it for me.

Also, it would be nice if I could exclude certain file patterns... but that might get a little crazy.

Nice program!

bonkey said...

Thanks Donkey. I imagine you could use an outside utility to decrypt, I haven't played around with it, as I rely on downloading and decrypting inside Bonkey. The encryption key should in theory be able to be used with any implementation of the AES algorithm. Please let me know if you have any success.

File patterns have long been on the //TODO list here - hopefully in short order they'll be in a new version.

jmike said...

Mr. Bonkie can I run backups from Windows Scheduled Tasks instead of having bonkey running all the time in the background?

bonkey said...

Jmike, this particular monkey has no experience with WST, but if you can use WST to start up and shutdown Bonkey, then you could do what you are describing. Bonkey will check if a backup is due immediately upon starting up, so just give it time to run the backup and shut it down. Please let me know how it goes.

Odulo e-Store Customer Care said...

I installed Bonkey successfully, but can not launch it. I am getting a popup "Incompatible JVM" "Version 1.3.1_01 of the JVM is not suitable for this product. Version: 1.4.1 or greater is required."

Looking in Add-Remove Programs, I have "Java 2 Runtime Environment, SE v1.4.2_16" installed.

Did you conspire with Microsoft?

bonkey said...

No conspiracy, though your paranoia is admirable. I am not sure about your particular system configuration, but the simplest solution is probably to upgrade to the latest version of Java - you can download it from

Odulo e-Store Customer Care said...

Uhm... Like I said in my comment, which it seems like you cut parts out of, that's exactly what I did - downloaded and installed the latest version from, (or at least the latest that I found via Google.) And I did reboot afterwards.

Just have to love these error messages which have some remote correlation to reality, but are completely inappropriate in a given situation.

bonkey said...

Okey dokey, if you have the latest version of Java installed (and 1.4.2, the version you cite, isn't the latest version) then there must be some configuration issue on your system which means the most up-to-date version isn't being used when you load an application. I'm afraid I can't help with that.

FWIW, no editing on any posts. Feel free to email at thebackupmonkey at google mail if you have any more problems.

Anonymous said...

I like what I see so far but having a tough time getting this to work with Amazon S3. Messages indicate the target is unreacable. I can see the buckets I have created with other utilities.

bonkey said...

You'll have to be a little more specific than that. I've not had any other reports of that nature, so I'm not sure what could be causing it. If you can provide more details, please email me at thebackupmonkey at gmail

Anonymous said...

This program isn't clear on what a 'TARGET' is for SAVING THE BACKUP and what a 'TARGET' is for FILES TO BACKUP.

I am a tech-savvy geek and I still haven't figured out how to set the 'SAVE' location and what files are to be 'BACKED UP.' And I know I am not missing anything.


bonkey said...

Terminology is always hard. I'm not quite clear on yours: what do you mean by "saving the backup"?

"Target" should always mean the place that the files will be backed up to.

To add files to a backup:
1) open the backup group by clicking on its name on the main screen;
2) locate the files in the location tree on the right hand side;
3) drag the files in to the file tree for the backup group.

You might find the built in help useful.

Tom said...

I keep getting
An internal error occurred during: "Run now".
Java heap space

I'm just backing up my desktop...

bonkey said...

Hmm, hard to diagnose from that. Are you backing up a large number of directories?