Monday, 29 September 2008

Bonkey on Mac OS X

At long last - a release for Mac OS X. This was tested on Leopard (10.5.3 to be precise) on an Intel based machine, but should run on others as well. Please throw something at thebackupmonkey@thegoogleymail if you run into any problems.

Available here:

  1. Download the zip file.
  2. Extract the zip file and copy the resulting folder to your Applications folder.
If you want your backups to happen automatically (you probably do):
  1. Open a terminal (Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal).
  2. Enter   /Applications/Bonkey/   and press enter.
Two screenshots:


walksabout said...

Tried the Windows version. Attempted to connect to FTP server. Always said "cannot read filesystem". It *was* able to connect, since it gave a different error message if I put in a bad path. Looks like a great piece of code otherwise!

bonkey said...

Thanks walksabout. Others have reported the same bug. I'll be trying to address it this weekend.

bonkey said...

This is fixed now - FTP should work fine in the new version.

Anonymous said...

i'm getting continuous errors... could not create folder blah... but the folders already exist!?! is this a known issue. is there a config that can address it?

bonkey said...

I'm not sure I can offer much on that without more details - what are you trying to do when you get the error?

Brennon said...

trying the mac version, but whenever I don't think that the automatic service is working on my machine. I can't see any bonkey services running in the activity monitor, and when I try to run in manually via "launchctl start com.bonkey.BonkeyService.plist" it says "launchctl start error: No such process" I have already run the file. Love it so far though!

bonkey said...

To see if the service is running, type "launchctl list". You should see a line like
"346 - com.bonkey.BonkeyService". If there is no PID, the service isn't running.

To load it manually, you need to use two commands: "launchctl load your_path/com.bonkey.BonkeyService.plist" and then "launchctl start com.bonkey.BonkeyService". Have a look at the script distributed with Bonkey for the details of the plist file.

Ping me at thebackupmonkey on gmail for more info if needed.

Anonymous said...

where does it backup to? how to set-up so it will back up to a external drive?
how to backup eutourage emails?


bonkey said...

It backs up to wherever you choose under "Target" for each backup group. To backup to an external drive, choose "Create new target" and choose the external drive.

I'm afraid I know nothing about "eutourage" email. However, if you know which files contain your mail, you can back those up.

Joe C said...

Firstly - Bonkey is great! It works so well for what I'm doing - backing up a remote server to my local hard drive via SFTP.

However... the errors that Anonymous was getting on 21st November sound like the ones I'm getting.

MacBook:~ joe$ /Applications/Bonkey/

mkdir: /Users/joec/Library: File exists

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/bonkey/service/Server

launchd[465]: com.bonkey.BonkeyService: exited with exit code: 1

launchd[465]: com.bonkey.BonkeyService: 9 more failures without living at least 60 seconds will cause job removal

Tried launctcl load, but...
MacBook:~ joe$ launchctl load /Applications/Bonkey/com.bonkey.BonkeyService.plist

com.bonkey.BonkeyService: Already loaded

Interestingly though, launchctl list works...
MacBook:~ joe$ launchctl list


Entering launchctl start com.bonkey.BonkeyService just sets off those errors again, starting with "Exception in thread...".

I'm on 10.4.11 though, so I think that might be the reason. Could it be 10.5-only? The application itself works really well but it's just the automatic bit which is giving these errors. It may still be working however, I haven't had it on long enough to find out!

bonkey said...

Hey Joe - if you have the full exception text, could you send it to thebackupmonkey@gmail? It seems more likely to be related to the version of Java than of OS X, but seeing the actual errors might be useful. What version of Java do you have?

Also, did you run from the directory that you are running Bonkey from?

Joe C said...

Full exception text... that's as much as I could see! Would there be some more in a log file, perhaps? I'd be happy to look if you could tell me where to find it!

I'm running the beta developer version of Java 6 (as 5 is Apple's latest official version for 10.4, and I needed 6 for something else I was running.)

I guess that may also not help things!

Joe C said...

Also, I've noticed that Bonkey isn't saving any of my locations (either SFTP or local folders...)

Joe C said...

More stuff!

My system.log has a few of these...

Feb 22 15:04:27 MacBook launchd[211]: com.bonkey.BonkeyService: exited with exit code: 1

Feb 22 15:04:27 MacBook launchd[211]: com.bonkey.BonkeyService: 9 more failures without living at least 60 seconds will cause job removal


I found that the Bonkey plist file in ~/Library/LaunchAgents/ was pointing to /Users/joec/plugins/... (which doesn't exist), whereas the Bonkey plist file in the Applications directory points to the right place (I think - it points to files in the Bonkey folder, which is in the Applications directory...)

When I get chance, I'll try replacing the ~/Library/LaunchAgents/ plist file with the right paths and see what happens!

bonkey said...

Joe, you may have to use launchctl to remove the current entry before amending the plist file and reloading it. Apart from that, hopefully that should fix your problem.

Regarding not saving locations, you should have a "user" directory in the directory that Bonkey runs from. That should contain xml config files. If there is not one, it may be due to permissions. Otherwise, it may be Java 6 funkiness - it is hard to know from here.

Anonymous said...

Just tried Bonkey on Mac OS 10.4.11 for FTP backup of local files.

Configuring locations is difficult. Is there a way to edit them after they are created ? Did not find anything about this.

Should have more options about which FTP folder to backup to.

Bonkey is having difficulties connecting to the FTP server. Since I can't edit targets, I need to recrete a new one !!!

Something I missed ?


bonkey said...

You're right, there is no way to edit locations, other than to manually edit the configuration file (Bonkey/user/config.xml). You need to create a new one.

Regarding specifying the folder, just add the path to the location (eg

Anonymous said...

How do you completely uninstall this on a MAC?

bonkey said...

Good question. The following commands should do the trick:

launchctl stop com.bonkey.BonkeyService

launchctl remove com.bonkey.BonkeyService

Anonymous said...


I have a problem on FTP server to save files or directories with a pathname using special characters like space, "ù", "é",...
Do you know how can I solve this problem ?

bonkey said...

No idea I'm afraid! Bonkey uses a third party FTP library, so if it can't handle those kinds of characters, I'm afraid there's not much that can be done about it.

Anonymous said...

Hi i've just installed bonkey on mac osx but i'm unable to get the service to start. I want bonkey to automatically backup in the background.

When I try and start the service using I just get a "Could not listen on port: 6738".

If I run launchctl list I can see the bonkey service listed but it has no pid and has a 1 under the status column.

I've previously ran the file as well but nothing I try will start the service, any ideas?

bonkey said...

Sounds like that port is either occupied or blocked. Try loading up the Bonkey user interface, going to Preferences->Basic configuration and changing the port that the service is running on. You'll then have to run the again - if that fails because the service already exists, see the steps in comments above for removing the service and then try again. Let me know if that works!

Anonymous said...

I made a mistake in my last post, but my question remains the same. Apparently only iPhoto pictures aren't being transferred properly, but separate jpegs and pictures are transferring just fine. Still though, how can I be sure that EVERY bit of information is being backed up? (In my case, including iPhoto libraries)

bonkey said...

You'll have to give me a bit more detail on what is going wrong before I can help you solve the problem. What happens to your iPhoto files?

Lyle said...

Hi Love the app. Seems to work really well except I keep getting a weird error message.

Im using the mac version and the error is

An internal error occurred during: "Run now".

bonkey said...

I've never seen that before. I can only suggest updating your version of Java. If that doesn't work, can you send me more details at thebackupmonkey@gmail? Cheers

willwood said...

How do you uninstall Bonkey on Snow Leopard?

I have run the following commands in terminal:
launchctl stop com.bonkey.BonkeyService
launchctl remove com.bonkey.BonkeyService

But it is still dumping blank service.log files in my home directory and it is still throwing up errors in which indicates some part of it is still running on my system.

A spotlight search for "Bonkey" resulted in 0 results.

bonkey said...

Lucky you having Snow Leopard already! I don't, so I have no way to experiment.

Open a terminal and run launchctl, then run the list command. You should get a list of all the services that are running. Is Bonkey in that list? What are the details of that entry?

If it's easier, you can reach me at thebackupmonkey at gmail.

marymak said...

Hello! I am trying to install on my Mac desktop with OS X 10.3.9. In terminal I am getting these responses:

maxms% /Applications/Bonkey/
mkdir: /Users/maxms/Library: File exists
mkdir: /Users/maxms/Library/LaunchAgents: File exists
/Applications/Bonkey/ line 37: launchctl: command not found
/Applications/Bonkey/ line 38: launchctl: command not found
maxms% launchctl list
tcsh: launchctl: Command not found.

I don't use Terminal often so I have no idea what this means. Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you for your time!

bonkey said...

Hi Marymak,

The first two 'file exists' warnings are expected, and don't interfere with the installation. These folders are already present on most systems.

Launchctl, on the other hand, should be present, but it seems from the errors that it can't be found. You'll have to find it (presuming it's on your system). Try running /bin/launchctl. If that works, run alias launchctl=/bin/launchctl and then run the install script again.

Anonymous said...

Hi bonkey -

Love the program!

Couple questions/issues:

1. Have you tested the latest release on snow leopard? The autorun feature isn't working quite right, as I set the schedule and it didn't run at the set time. I'm not sure whether to attribute this to snow leopard incompatibilities, or some other issue with the program.

I made sure to execute, and it told me that the service was already loaded; however, after typing launchctl list in terminal, there was no PID listed next to the bonkey service, just a 1 under status.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks!

P.S. What e-mail can you be reached at?

bonkey said...

Great to hear you're finding Bonkey useful. Answers:

1) Unfortunately I don't have a copy of Snow Leopard to test on, only a 10.5.3 machine from work. I'm not sure when that'll get upgraded. If you know a way for developers to get a machine and a copy of Snow Leopard, I'd be very pleased :)

Alternatively, you could have a look at your syslog to see what the errors are. The easiest way is to use the console app, select all messages and filter for strings with bonkey in them. Let me know what you find.


Haze Dweller said...

Just tried Bonkey on OSX 10.4 and get the message 'requires 10.5 (Leopard) or later'. Is that true now, or is there a version that will work on 10.4, or is there a way of configuring to work on 10.4?

bonkey said...

Hello Haze

Unfortunately the Eclipse RCP platform on which Bonkey is built no longer supports 10.4 by default. I'll look into it and see if there's anything I can do, but a quick search hasn't turned anything up, so I'm not optimistic.


vaibhav said...

I am working as intern for one company, and it is setting up network for other country, but my company is going to create admin domain at my office, can I use Bonkey for taking backup of office network? Do we need to take any liscence for it?

bonkey said...

Hi Vaibhav - no license required.