Sunday, 19 October 2008


New versions posted, fixing two bugs:
  1. Encryption on S3 was failing due to too many bytes being written as a result of the encryption algorithm padding files. This has been addressed for the most part, but will still occur occasionally. It won't corrupt data, it will just stop the occasional upload.  A long term fix is in the works.
  2. FTP connections are now working again.

Known issues:
  1. Windows shares are not accessible on Mac OS X.
  2. As noted above, there is still an issue with padding on encryption to S3. Recommended to use S3 without encryption at the moment as all traffic is sent over HTTPS in any case (ie encrypted in transit); or to backup to an encrypted local location and then from there to an unencrypted S3 one.
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ProspectiveUser said...

Just came across your tool. It was mentioned in

Question about the compression and encryption options, how do they work? Which encryption algorithms? Password based? Key based? A little of both?

Can you encrypt multiple files? Or does it put everything into an encrypted zip file.

Thanks in advance

bonkey said...

Compression is ZIP. Each file is zipped separately.

Encryption is AES with 128 bit keys. Each file is encrypted separately.

Stuart said...

Bonkey seems to be trying to transfer all of my files, even though I have chosen "modified files only" in the backup group.

I never have my computer on long enough for it to transfer the 2GB to S3, and it seems to try again every day.

Is there a log I can attach to help fix this?

bonkey said...

The first time round, all files will be uploaded. After that only modified files will be uploaded - modified means "modified since last uploaded". If you don't want to include certain files or directories, right click (or command click) on them and select "exclude".

Stuart said...

The first time round, all files will be uploaded. After that only modified files will be uploaded - modified means "modified since last uploaded".
This is what I expect -- but even though all my files are already uploaded (and haven't changed), Bonkey is uploading them again.

bonkey said...

I've never seen that happen before. Is your system time accurate?

funkyteaspoon said...

Nice tool.
I have a problem with an external WD drive connected by eSATA; Bonkey keeps losing it as a location and cannot backup to it until I add it as a location again.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

bonkey said...

Hi Dave - no idea. Does it lose other locations? If so, there is probably a problem saving the configuration. If not, is there anything unusual about the location? Any errors? Special characters? I've never heard of anything like that happening.

funkyteaspoon said...

Hmm, Worked a couple of times, then lost it again. The location is M:\03 - Bonkey Backup, so no real issues there. Trying a test backup on an internal hdd in case its only happening when the MyBook loses external power.

Here's a bit from the log:

3/04/09 6:03 PM Starting auto-run
3/04/09 6:04 PM Error refreshing file system 03 - Bonkey Backup: Filesystem not found in configuration
3/04/09 6:04 PM 03 - Bonkey Backup unreachable. No files backed up to this location.

If its a problem saving the configuration what should I try?

Thanks for your help,

bonkey said...

Hey Dave - if you can, please send me Bonkey/user/config.xml at That might help me figure out what's going on. Cheers!

Xavierdes said...

Each time I make a backup on my server, bonjey takes enormous place on my HD !! I don't know how it's possible, but I got less and less place on my HD ! Help!

bonkey said...

That shouldn't happen, Xavierdes - all temp files should be deleted immediately. Try looking in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp - any temporary files which have remained for whatever reason will be there.

Xavierdes said...

Thanks. But I'm on Mac 10.5. Where are this files in a Mac please ? Thanks for caring. best regards. xavier

bonkey said...

Not entirely sure - try /var/folders or /tmp

Xavierdes said...

Thanks. In fact, I found the files in HD / "Volume". Guess what? I discover that the "back up group" I created (as told in your tips) to manage a copy on my server, is systematicly created also in "Volumes" in my hardisk! Then, when I sync, it copies the source both on my server AND on my HD (Volumes). That's why half of my HD space disappears. It's crazy ! What did I do wrong please ?
best regards

bonkey said...

I have no idea what you've done there. I've never seen or heard of that happening.

Monkey Boy said...

Dave, bonkey,

I had the same problem.

Environment: OS-X 10.4

Problem: "filesystem not found in configuration"

Reason: Started bonkey before moving it to its final destination (Applications). Bonkey writes the path in config.xml (inside app contents). When moved, the path is no longer correct.

Solution: Reinstall, making sure to move Bonkey to its final location before running (exactly as the installation directions tell you to).

Hope this helps,

bonkey said...

Thanks, Stoney!

Anonymous said...

Was using Bonkey on several Windows XP units and it seems to cause Low Disk Space errors when running the backups and filling the temp directory with zipped copies of the backup files?

bonkey said...

It would be nice to zip files while streaming at some point, but right now Bonkey uses temp space to zip files. However, they should be deleted immediately after use. You may get low space issues if you are backing up very large files, and don't have a lot of free temp space.