Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Just in case people are missing the rather small download links on the left, you can download the latest versions of Bonkey here:


Oldarney said...

just change the styling on the download buttons. Change the color, or better yet wrapp em in a div tag apply some padding an insert a gif animated download graffic aligned left, or a bonkey icon with a windows or mac logo.

bonkey said...

Yeah good thinking, the ads make them kind of hard to see. Not sure if Blogger will let me do that, but I'll give it a go.

Oldarney said...

I have been triying to achieve incremental backups to my FTP server. It has turned out to be a nightmare. "Backup Modified files only" doesnt work at all. It keeps overwriting the files. Ive waisted nearly 20gb of upload on testing. I give up, ive been looking EVERYWHERE for an answer to my problem. So far nothing.

I believe the problem might be that the date modified doesnt appear on FTP servers. Thus the only way to do incremental to an FTP would be to create a log file. maybe later i may look at the code and make it work.

bonkey said...

I think FTP date modified depends on the server - most FTP servers should give date modified.

Oldarney said...

your right FTP does display it. And my server (webhero, i no it stinks but i didnt choose it) supports it. So that leaves bonkey as the culprit... its rather strange. Filezilla is able to display the date modified of all the files.

DoktorDave said...

After fighting Acronis Crap for too long..you came along...found your software tonight..it looks great..
BUT when I tried to do a complete backup it gave the error:
"Java heap space"...what in the H...
is that? Just when I thought I could do it on my own..this occurs.
Like to do incremental backups about every 10 days...but now this error?
Thank you for writing WITHOUT Greed in mind!! Your kind!
Really a old doctor too! Shrink! Yuk! Best Regards !

bonkey said...

DoktorDave - Java heap space error basically means that your backup has too many files. Bonkey isn't the most efficient beast.

You can pass vmargs specifying a bigger heap size ("bonkey.exe -vmargs -Xms128M -Xmx128M"). Good summary of the parameters here: http://www.devx.com/tips/Tip/5578. You may also want to play with the heap size arguments in wrapper.conf.

You could also divide your backup into two or more backups; or think about which directories can be left out.

Oldarney said...

Ok i take my old comment back. Bonkey does do the incremental backups on my server, however, it does it so slow that it seems like a normal backup. You know what bonkey needs? threading. Filezilla gives me 8x the speed when i thread the downloads. Compared to single threading FTP clients. anything to make the incremental syncs a snap.

bonkey said...

That's a great suggestion. Fortunately the code is open source, so you're welcome to contribute!

Anonymous said...

Now, why can't you have a page that at least DESCRIBES THIS SOFTWARE ?
It's really annoying - all you know is it's some backup software. Care to describe it a bit - the functionality and feature - it might just help many people out there.
Please feature this information somewhere prominently.

bonkey said...

That's a great idea, I should really do that. I'll add a post when I get a chance.

Anonymous said...

I keep getting an error message when I try to open Bonkey. I just downloaded the software and tried to start it up for the first time. It directs me to a log file in the configuration folder. Any idea what's going on?

bonkey said...

Most likely problem is that you have an old version of Java. Try updating Java.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bonkey,

Is this software active and being developed at this time. I am trying to use it for S3, it is very difficult to get going from machine to machine. I understand that you went opensource and that you want/need help but I am not a software developer but simply looking for info on what is being done. This software is very good and offers something that nobody else seems to offer, The ability to backup to local disk as well as S3.... If the S3 was more reliable this would be a powerhouse!


bonkey said...

It's actively supported - what is the problem you're having with S3? It should work fine.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous Mike

This program backed up to S3 on every XP and Vista machine I installed it on.

Everything worked perfectly for me except when I tried to backup to S3 using encryption. I experienced random packing errors.

If, and when this is fixed, bonkey will be back on my machine in a matter of minutes!

bonkey said...

Yes, known problem with encrypting to S3 I'm afraid, to do with predicting the length of the resulting content. Recommended to use S3 without encryption at the moment as all traffic is sent over HTTPS in any case (ie encrypted in transit); or to backup to an encrypted local location and then from there to an unencrypted S3 one.

lageir said...

I guess I don't get it.

I want to back up files from one external harddrive to another . . . that's all.

Can your software do that? Can't see how to define a group to back up and, more importantly, where to back it up to.

The help menu isn't very helpful, it just gives general ideas/processes, but not step-by-step instructions. Can you tell me how to do that or direct me to somewhere that does?

Thank you.

bonkey said...


1. Add a location for each external hard drive by right clicking in the Locations list and choosing 'New location'.

2. Then click on 'Create a group' under 'Actions'.

3. Set the target for the backup group as one external hard drive (the one you want to copy to).

4. Navigate to the other hard drive under locations and drag and drop files from there into the backup group.

That should be it.

The-Saint said...

He guys,

Bonkey seems to be what i'm searching for al long time, to backup my homefiles with sftp to my server.

But there is one problem, is there any possibility that Bonkey does real inkrementel Backups, just only overwrite the old version so that you can have 30 version of the last 30 days backup. Maybe with hardlinks or something like that? Because my backupfiles are too great for complete backup, but sometimes i could need the old version of files.

So i thank you for reading.


bonkey said...

Hi Heko,

At present there's no incremental backup. Having a mode that only copies files which have changed, but doesn't overwrite the old ones, would be nice - I'll add it to the list of things to add to Bonkey.