Monday, 21 September 2009

Update - improved background backup service

I've just posted another update to Bonkey, which is more robust in dealing with different system configurations.

If you've been having trouble with backups by the background service on Windows Vista or Mac OS X, try uninstalling, restarting, downloading the new version and installing it.

For specific instructions to get Bonkey working on Windows Vista, see


Anonymous said...

I am having issues running bonkey on Leopard. I am using sftp to connect back to a Windows machine. The backup starts and runs for several minutes then it just scrolls errors. It appears to get disconnected from the server and cant reconnect until I close Bonkey and restart it.

bonkey said...

That's unfortunate. For SFTP support Bonkey relies upon the Apache VFS, which doesn't seem to be actively developed any longer. I've started working on cutting it out, but it will take some time.

Is there any common element to when the errors start? For example, long filenames, or filenames with certain characters?